Glanceability & The Glanceable User Experience

Tight flight connections are tough – and I’m not talking about actually getting from one flight to another. The difficult part is finding out which concourse and gate you need to get to, as well as the most efficient way to get there. This is just one of many scenarios where a glanceable user experience is essential – starting with displays (be it on an airport monitors or on a phone screen) that tell you where you need to go, and what time you need to be there, followed by clear and visible signs directing you to your next gate.

Simply put, glanceability refers to presenting important and relevant information to users in a way they can easily understand and act on it. While the airport is one place where glanceable information is important, we are surrounded by many other situations where a glanceable user experience is not only important, but also crucial. One such example is a car dashboard, where the driver needs to be able to monitor gauges with a glance before focusing their attention on the road again.

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